Spring Refresh

Rather than the typical “Spring Clean”, I’d like to refer to this annual chore as more of a Spring “Refresh”. The reason behind this name makeover is for the simple fact that the majority of the population haven’t left their homes in a year and every property most likely needs to be freshened up in every way. With the weather getting warmer, we can start opening our windows to let the natural fresh air inside. This is such a simple and refreshing approach to our Spring Season plus it costs next to nothing. Below is my room by room refresh suggestions that will leave your property light, airy and ready for ultimate relaxation:



  1. REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM THE COUNTERTOPS & FLOORS: This creates a blank canvas so to speak making the space open and empty
  2. WORK FROM THE CEILING TO THE FLOOR: Clean off tops of Cabinets & Light Fixtures first so built-up dust falls to the ground. Next wipe down Cabinetry & Countertops before mopping/swiffering the Floors.
  3. PLACE & REPLACE: Wipe down all items going back onto the countertops…keep in mind “Less is More” also wipe down kitchen table & chairs and don’t forget to clean the trashcan. Be sure to check utensils and replace anything that looks dingy and unsanitary.


DUST DUST DUST…Every Square Inch of Every Square Inch. This is so important in the Spring Refresh because dust gets everywhere and can accumulate in all nooks and crannies (*especially the tops of door frames). It may be annoying but it is so worth it in the end to have a Dust Free Space. Plus, dusting creates better air quality and a fresh inviting environment.



  1. STRIP THE BEDS: Wash all linens down to the mattress pad!! Assess the mattress and pillows for any imperfections/staining and replace if need be.
  2. CLEAR THE CLUTTER: Remove any excessive miscellaneous items from dressers and night stands. It is so vital for a better night sleep to have an organized bedroom with NO CLUTTER. Sleep is precious and a bedroom should reflect a sanctuary not a trash site.
  3. REARRANGE FURNITURE: This is optional if the space allows. Rearranging furniture is a great way to refresh a room and give it a new look for a change.


DISINFECT EVERYTHING (period). Wipe every knob, fixture & mirror. Replace all linens. Empty Trashcans. Deep Clean Dryer Vent. Clean Washing Machine (Yes, this is a thing.) Scrub toilet until it Sparkles. Mop Floors and Wash Bath Rugs & Mats.

*Special Note: add Live (or faux) Greenery in all rooms…this is such a welcoming visual for all to enjoy!!

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