Hello 2021

Welcome to a new year…a fresh start so to speak. With 2020 in the rearview it only makes sense to look towards, with anticipation, a brighter future in the upcoming year ahead. The real estate market is booming in all aspects and has been now for almost a consecutive year. Interest rates are at an all time low and real estate prices are tipping the higher end which means it is kind of a win/win for both buyers and sellers. Now with that in mind, what is the next move? Well, for Sellers, it is most likely the best time to get the most money for their property. We are seeing a trend with new listings hitting the market and encourage potential sellers to consider listing their properties at this time to reap the rewards. On the flip side, Buyers are benefiting from the lower interest rates making the home buying process both appealing and affordable. It really is a very momentous period in the Real Estate world. Both buyers and sellers will find happiness and that is truly what memories are made of today.

2021 Changing Market

Important note: Real Estate always generates trends in some way, shape or form and it always will. The market ebbs and flows on a continuum. This pendulum is always swinging and in this current market, it appears to be benefiting all parties active in the game. As always, the rules remain the same. It is the perception within the human psyche and global life circumstances that ultimately alters the market. As we know, trends come and go so really one question remain…is 2021 your year to play?

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